This weeks mini project- Photographing dogs


After much deliberation I have decided that this weeks mini project should be a photographic portrayal of dogs.  This inspiration/idea came about whilst watching my own dog Barney play/sunbathe on the beach over the last few days . My aim is to capture the essense of doggy behaviour and to portray aspects of their personality, it is also very funny! The main issue I may encounter with my mini project is my distinct lack of dogs to photograph but I will try, I may just end up with lots of pictures of my own dog but lets see what happens! I did however take photographs of more active dogs I saw on the beach whilst my own dog was catching some rays...this is my project so far...

Barney admiring the views in Belvoir Woods

My Jack Russell Barney

I've just had a really lovely swim!

I'm waiting....!

Just dawdling along the sea front!

Ive not made this up...this dog was actually surfing!

You just cannot beat a good sprint!
Sleeping Beauty!
Its gone all dark???
What a beautiful boy!

What fine doggy bodies we have




2 Response to "This weeks mini project- Photographing dogs"

  1. Tanya. Says:

    Look good Juliette....need too sort out your picture placement though. Tro is always a willing subject if you need an extra dog. Shona and Louie too!!

  2. Unknown Says:

    I need lots of doggies!

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